Greenhouse Grower GROW Executive Series:
Tackling the Greenhouse Labor Problem

Build an Effective Greenhouse Strategy: Take Your Operation from Now, to Next, and Beyond

This past year presented greenhouse owners and managers with countless labor challenges, layered with new opportunities to reassess ways to build and maintain a workforce. If you find yourself managing through another season of labor-related issues in 2021, you are not alone.

Join us for a roundtable discussion of greenhouse industry leaders, sharing what they and companies like theirs are thinking, feeling, and doing about some of their most pressing labor problems.

The discussion, sponsored by the 2021 GROW Partners, will cover the big questions and hard choices nearly all greenhouse operations face:

  • Recruiting and retaining talent. What impact does three sectors (greenhouse/nursery, hemp/cannabis, vegetables/vertical farming) trying to recruit from a limited talent pool have on the industry? How do we change this situation?
  • Compensation/Benefits/Total Rewards. The green industry has struggled to compete with attractive compensation/benefits packages offered by other industries. How can we change this in a competitive market where funds are tight? How do we leverage training programs and opportunities to attract new professionals to the industry, keep current employees happy, and develop future leaders?
  • Government Regulations and Policies. How do federal and state-mandated labor policies impact the current labor situation? What should you expect down the road, and how can you prepare your business to adapt and succeed?

The labor problem impacts all of us. Let’s start the discussion on how we can tackle this challenge individually and collectively as green industry companies and professionals. You don’t want to miss this 45-minute discussion followed by a question-and-answer session.

Join us for the second GROW Executive Digital Event of the year, date and time will be announced soon!

Todd Downing
Best Human Capital and Advisory Group

Brian Stephens
Regional General Manager, Bright Farms

Craig Regelbrugge
Senior Vice President Public Policy & Government Regulations
American Horticulture

Tex Prows
General Counsel and Vice President of Human Resources
Altman Plants

Tom Demaline
Willoway Nursery

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