Troy Shumaker

Operations Manager, Manzana

Troy is a graduate of Hope College, receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting & Business Administration. After graduation he was hired as a staff accountant for Walters Gardens. Over the next 28 years, Walters Gardens experienced triple digit growth and went from national recognition to global recognition. During this time, Troy’s career also grew and was promoted to the position of CFO, which he held for 8 years until being promoted to COO where he oversaw both the operational excellence and sales efforts for Walters Gardens.

The exponential growth of the company put a tremendous strain on the existing labor force and a change needed to be made. In 2018, Walters Gardens brought in its first H-2A labor force and over the next 3 years, Troy worked directly with each department manager to implement quality standards and develop quantitive strategies to maximize production and reduce overall labor costs.

Troy has seen first hand the impact and benefits of utilizing an H-2A labor force. So much so, that he joined Manzana LLC in 2020 where he now utilizes his knowledge and experience to help other horticultural companies understand the immense value, and impact H-2A workers can have on an organization.