Joche Smith

President and CEO, Costa Farms

Joche Smith has been part of the Costa Farms senior management team since 1992, having served as President during most of that time. During his first full year at Costa Farms, annual revenues were $13 million. Since then, the company’s annual revenues have exceeded $600 million.

Smith’s primary roles with Costa Farms center around sales, customer relationships, and corporate finance. Smith has led the company’s transformation from a production and sales-oriented organization to one with a significant focus on information systems, research and development, and innovation. Under his guidance, Costa Farms has transformed itself into a partner for its customers — providing IT solutions, logistics solutions, product development, and marketing support.

Smith has also been instrumental in expanding the portfolio of products offered by Costa Farms to include annuals and perennials, and expansion of the company’s geographic scope from South Florida to Central Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Before joining Costa Farms, Smith worked as a financial analyst at Ryder System, Inc. He is currently on the Board of Trustees of Cristo Rey Miami High School. Smith earned both his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and his M.B.A. from the University of Florida.