Bob Jones

CEO, The Chef’s Garden

Bob Jones, Jr. is co-owner and CEO of The Chef’s Garden, a family-owned vegetable farm in Huron, Ohio.

Jones has a B.S. in Horticulture from The Ohio State University and a master’s degree from the Institute for Effective Church Leadership. He has been active in various industry organizations at the state and national level for more than 25 years.

Jones formerly served on the board of the Ohio Produce Growers & Marketers Association and OFA. He also served on the AmericanHort board and the board for the Horticulture Research Institute (HRI), which is the research arm of AmericanHort. Jones was also part of The USDA IR-4 Commodity Liaison Committee.

Jones’s commitment to regenerative agriculture and innovation have led to numerous community partnerships and research projects with universities around the country.

At The Chef’s Garden, Jones works closely with his brother, Lee. The family has been involved in agriculture for six generations, focusing on vegetable production for the past 60 years.

Jones is married to Julie, whom he met as a teenager working on the family farm. They have three grown children: Kate, Zach, and Becca.