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The GROW Executive Series delivers online sessions with advanced-level business-management information for owners and executives in North American greenhouse operations.

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Pricing Strategies for 2023: Balancing Your Inputs and Your Product Prices

Your pricing plans for the coming year shouldn’t just be about how much you are charging for your plants. You also need to consider how inflation and supply chain issues are affecting the prices you pay for all of your inputs, and how balancing both ends of the pricing spectrum can help drive your profits. In this panel discussion, hear from a grower, an economist, and a farm business management educator on how you can plan for the coming year.

How to Stop Gambling and Start Winning With Your Sales Forecast

This panel discussion followed by a 15-minute Q&A with Extension experts covering how to create a true sales forecast and not a facsimile of last year’s plan and best practices to account for demand and production costs in your forecast.

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GROW Conversations: Selling Direct to Consumer

During this discussion panelists will share the pros and cons of remote selling. 
Attendees will learn important considerations in regards to pricing, type of product, target audience, etc.  Our panelists will share experiences andcase studies of successful ecommerce models.

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