Conference Overview

Adapt. Lead. Succeed.

Lead to Succeed in a Volatile Business Environment 

Learn from leaders across the controlled-environment specialty crop spectrum.

Leadership in today’s business environment requires getting comfortable with change and complexity. Behind every next normal is another next normal. As a primary leader in your organization, you are the guiding hand that helps your team successfully navigate through whatever comes their way. You set the tone. You determine the direction your team needs to follow to remain productive, viable, and successful. Being a leader in any organization can be tough — GROW Executive Summit has you covered. 

As you turn your sights back to growing your business and deciding on your next move, GROW Executive Summit can provide you with the business and technology solutions and strategies you need to lead your team forward with confidence and purpose. You will have the opportunity to learn from those who have been there — your peers. At GROW Executive Summit, you’ll join with other like-minded CEOs and senior leaders in the controlled-environment industry to exchange ideas and draw on each other’s experience and expertise.  

From presentations and panel discussions to roundtable sessions and networking, you’ll gather both knowledge you can put to work now and the building blocks for a long-term plan. You will head back to your operation with tactics for running a sustainable, profitable business, along with innovative ideas and new perspectives on controlled-environment agriculture. 

Labor: WIN With Your Workforce 

Behind every great business is a strong team. Building a high-performing team starts with hiring the right people and uniting them together into a powerful whole. These sessions will explore different approaches to current workforce challenges and leave you with insights on how to navigate the road ahead.

The GROW Executive Summit brings together the top experts in workforce management to share actionable ways to evolve your talent strategy and drive business success.  

  • H-2A programs impact on your economic growth
  • Innovative strategies for talent management
  • Legislative and regulatory outlook: what we know, what you can do

Supply Chain: Plan to WIN

Supply chain pressures and disruptions are testing the toughness of growing operations around the globe. With everything from cost increases for materials and transportation to bottlenecks, delays, and shortages, leaders need to prioritize building resilience into their supply chains and balancing costs to meet customer needs.  

  • Cost optimization strategies 
  • Real-world solutions for 2023
  • Technology investments to achieve business objectives 

Profitability: Play to WIN

No matter the size or scope of a controlled-environment operation, its aim is always to make a profit. Understanding how much money your business generates, and the costs associated with running your business can make the difference between remaining in business long-term or treading the short path to closing your doors.

The GROW Executive Summit connects the dots and drills down to help you make informed, strategic decisions about your business that boost your top-line. 

  • Set Yourself up for Success in an Inflationary Market
  • Command Top Dollar for Your Business
  • Green Industry Economic Climate and Forecast for 2023

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