About GROW Executive Summit

The GROW Initiative

For more than a decade, the GROW Initiative has served as the only forum for leaders across the greenhouse grower sector, providing a platform for exchanging ideas and addressing business challenges. The initiative, formed in 2011, gathers innovative growers, industry suppliers, researchers, and allied industry members. GROW partners convene to address major industry drivers and to set priorities for the coming year. The forum addresses four pillars:

  • Drive consumer success
  • Cultivate new customers
  • Sharpen business management
  • Invest in the industry

GROW Together, GROW Stronger

Now, Greenhouse Grower® is extending the opportunity beyond GROW Partners to include senior-level owners and managers, key suppliers, and advisers. GROW Executive Summit is the only venue in North America that brings together leaders across all controlled-environment specialty crop production. The select event is a prime opportunity to safely gather in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic to network, learn, and share knowledge.

  • Join a community of owners, senior-level managers, and thought leaders in controlled-environment specialty crop production.
  • Refresh your focus and prepare for long-term strategic planning so you can thrive in the post-coronavirus market.
  • Convene with a select group of greenhouse professionals across all production lines.
  • Be inspired by an engaging program that blends seminars, workshops, roundtables, and face-to-face meetings.
  • Gain a sweeping look of the impacts on modern greenhouse operations.
  • Hear from leaders from other industries introduce their innovations and systems. Borrow concepts you can put into play in your operations.

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